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Trade business

1. Import and export trade

wood(to Canada SPF pine, spruce, radiation and other soft wood, red oak, white oak, beech broadleaf timber), the import business of commodities such as coal, minerals, and farmersForest products, light industrial products, mechanical and electrical products export business, based in guangxi, facing the world.

2. The entrepot trade

Foreign procurement, foreign sales of the commodity trade, mainly wood, fuel oil and so on, "two head out", giving full play to the advantages of the company international trade team, through the foreign advantageResources,To develop foreign markets, promote company and group's international influence.

3. Supply chain services

Have agreed with the domestic upstream and downstream customers in trade business, such as seedling, coal, chemical fertilizer, product purchase and sale, improve the effectiveness of the capital operation of supply chain, reduce the overall supply chainThe management cost,Eventually to improve the overall supply chain profit margins.

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