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Industrial investment

    In the future,will be carried out GuiGu warehouse associated with trade,logistics,port,wharf and other industrial investment. Now prepares for the project are:

1.agriculture and forestry products trading center

Plans to build a electronic trading center, the realization of the unity of the agriculture and forestry products sales, procurement information released,covers tangible products and intangible products,such as forest rights trading,carbon sinks trade).Provide enterprises with trade intermediary services to membership,to the intangible and tangible market as the basic framework,combining with network trading and see sample orders for the commodity tradingWay,through reforming the traditional way of Commodity Exchange,improve Commodity Exchange level, realize large-scale network management,to achieve the active market economy,and develop circulation channels,strengthenThe purpose of the enterprise vitality.

2.warehousing logistics center

Plan with regional transportation advantage such as qin north the port construction of logistics center. The advantage of resources industry in guangxi,such as wood,annatto furniture,chemical production

Products,such as integration of operations,logistics,warehousing and other business industrial chain link,to build a business ecosystem industry chain.

3.woodland resources acquisition abroad

Implement the strategy of "going out",to build overseas base,use of outside resources, to the wood resource rich countries or regions, acquisition of local forest trees, control of resources.During the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in",GuiGu company plans to accumulative total revenue of 18.2 billion yuan,accumulative total profit of 104 million yuan. To "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" last years, the company built trade is given priority to,warehousing,Logistics,port, wharf and other related industrial investment synchronous development, annual sales of more than 5 billion yuan,profit margin of no less than 30 million yuan of large enterprises,for the realization of the group "double hundred million"Objective to lay a good foundation.

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