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Group leadership to guide GuiGu company work

King wen: GuiGu company d. taken: Pan Tao

      Xu Feng on December 2, 2015, the group general manager, vice secretary of party committee, secretary of the commission for discipline inspection fan-long zeng, minister of supervision of audit Lin Jian to GuiGu company research and guide the work.

      Group leadership is very concerned about GuiGu company management situation, inquired about the trade business risk prevention and control. Li Shaofeng GuiGu company deputy general manager on behalf of the company to the group leadership GuiGu operating conditions and system construction situation has carried on the detailed report.

    Lin Jian minister suggested that a GuiGu company is to establish warehouse management job, as soon as possible for effective management and supervision of stock goods. 2 it is in the business process according to regulations, the decision in accordance with the "triple a" program.


      Secretary had affirmed GuiGu company since this year's efforts, he put forward the requests of 3 points, one is want to rely on a complete system, personal resources into the company's resources, do it

Not because of personnel flow affect the company's operating, in order to achieve the company's sustained, stable operation; The second is to set up the party branch as soon as possible, strengthen party organization activities and learning. Three is to actively cooperate with group, a supervisor, voluntarily accept supervision.

      Xu Feng general manager, said GuiGu company 2015 detracts the management achievement, and positive. He told GuiGu company future work is put forward five requirements, one is to keep in mind its mission and group of GuiGu company's positioning, bigger and stronger trade, strengthen GuiGu financing ability. The second is in the process of development to strengthen the risk prevention and control. To clarify the trade process, and find out potential risks, and put forward practical and feasible prevention and control measures against risk. Research and grasp the operation situation of the market and the partner is also one of the important means of prevention and control risk. Three is to gradually cultivate some good big customer. Four is to establish information system as soon as possible, auxiliary by science and technology means, enhance the level of management. Five is to strictly implement the party to build a clean government.

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