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GuiGu company legal knowledge training

Wen: GuiGu company Fan Yanqing taken: Pan Tao

In order to standardize the company contract management, accurately and avoid the problems should be paid attention to in the contract signed, May 6, GuiGu company invite widely in guangxi and law firm lawyers, legal adviser Cai Xiaogui GuiGu company law on contract law in our conference room has carried on the special training to all employees.

Cai Xiaogui lawyer teaching content involves the contract "bugs", pay attention to the conditions of contract and effect, the parties to a contract, also really also false recognition accuracy, the terms of the contract, the clarity to see real, compliance risk, practice really clear, breach of contract claim risk prevention, certain rules on mortgages and other seven questions. The teaching has both theoretical height, and has a guiding to the concrete practice work. CAI lawyer combined with years of rich work experience, through case interpretation way, the sharing and communication with employees. In addition, to field questions, CAI lawyer made a careful answer.

Through training, generally reflect the law of contract is a more comprehensive system of knowledge, and further enhance professional knowledge and ability.


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